Twist Style

Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Graphic Design: Tracy Bishop
Web Development: Zoe Rooney
Cart: Cartkeeper
Blog: Wordpress
Maryellen had an existing website that needed to be freshened up. Tracy designed a logo that brought the original logo to mind, but with a lovely new look. Lauren designed a website with a vintage look to showcase Maryellen's charming jewelry. Zoe coded the heck out of this one.
They never made me feel dumb

"I'm your mom. I don't know what FTP means. I don't know the difference between SQL and SSL. When it comes to the world beyond my keyboard and monitor, I am certainly a novice - or, according to my nearly 21 year old kid, an invalid. Funny thing then that I have run an online business for over 7 years gimping along with a website that was quite nice looking but terribly outdated and technologically impaired.

Knowing it was time for a big change (fresh logo, all new ecommerce solutions) I started hunting for sites that appealed to me the most. My favorites all had one thing in common: a little snippet of text at the bottom that said "site by Aeolidia."

At Aeolidia they get it; they get that folks with creativity based businesses will sometimes be much more interested and skilled in developing their craft than in developing their website. As a creativity based company themselves, the team at Aeolidia is able to FEEL what you do and help you find a way to present it to the world so that it not only looks fabulous, but meets the expectations of safety and efficiency that is so important to today's consumer.

Everyone at Aeolidia was so incredibly gracious. I felt completely comfortable in asking questions that I'm quite certain would have made any other developers roll their eyes. They never made me feel dumb (I was really nervous about that!) and any time I asked for help, the reply came so incredibly fast that I felt like someone was just hanging around waiting for me to pop off another silly question.

From our first contact until the end of the project, the entire team was present, available, kind, patient, understanding and above all - skilled! I really can never thank them enough for making the experience so gratifying. My only regret? That I don't live close to any of the team because I'd really like to invite them all over for beers.

Maryellen Kim

Twist Style