Twenty Birds

Web Design: Arianne Foulks
Graphic Design: Jill Bliss
Web Development: Chris McFarlane
Cart: Cartkeeper
Blog: Wordpress
Jill designed the logo and created illustrations for this site selling gifts for adopted children and adoptive families. Arianne designed the site.
Their artistic sense is as keen as their technical know-how

"When I started out with a business plan and just a little money, people told me to make my own website using a ready-made template for e-business. But I had an idea that starting with a good website would save me a lot of time and money later. I was right.

I had NO IDEA how complicated logo and web design is. At the very beginning of my process, Arianne and I had long e-mail conversations about choosing a good business name. Just that was enough to convince me I would be in way over my head without the team at Aeolidia.

Aeolidia took me from logo design to finished website--and their artistic sense is as keen as their technical know-how. My website is beautiful. I have all the tools and information I need to keep it up-to-date and working well. And I've had over two dozen people tell me it's extremely easy to use.

Aeolidia--I love to say the word, and I love the company! Many many thanks to Arianne, Chris, Jill, Shoshanna & Jen. I know for sure I couldn't have done it without you."

Maureen Benes

Twenty Birds