Terra Zizu

Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Graphic Design: KittenChops
Web Development: Jon Manning
Photography: Jennifer Way
Cart: Cartkeeper
Blog: Wordpress
The name Terra Zizu translates to "Earth Baby," and Nga wanted her logo and website to have an earthy and playful vibe. Zaara worked her KittenChops magic, making the sweetest logo and forest friend illustrations, and Lauren sprinkled these throughout the site.

The site itself is packed with information on infant potty training, which we've included in chapters on a Wordpress blog. There is also a shop, consisting of one item (training pants) with a few options.

Jennifer did the photography for this project, showing off the great colors of the pants, as well as wrangling a toddler model to pose in them.

Set the foundation to send a powerful branding message

"The talented team at Aeolidia created a happy and playful website for my infant potty training blog and shop! Its fresh and simple design pulls people in and keeps them engaged!

The lovely and talented Zaara (KittenChops) got my project off to an amazing start with a cheerful logo and set of illustrations. She nailed my creative brief perfectly and really laid down the foundation to send a powerful branding message about my company and site. Lauren then ran with the logo and illustrations by bringing all the visual elements together and weaving it into a beautiful and easy to navigate website. Jon then stepped in and did his coding magic, patiently explaining all the technical details along the way. Keenan, the project manager, keeps the project running smoothly with clearly laid out milestones and deadlines for all project members. I couldn't be happier with the result!"

Nga Zimmerman

Terra Zizu