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Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Web Development: Chris McFarlane
Cart: Cartkeeper
Lauren brushed up Jessie's logo and then designed a fresh and pretty website to sell adorable party supplies.
Allow me to sing praise for Aeolidia!

"Please allow me to climb to the rooftop so I can adequately sing praise for Aeolidia! Honestly, I could not be happier with the way my website turned out. Lauren took the the time to examine my product photos and really get a feel for my brand, then used it as a springboard to create a beautiful layout and color scheme that I never could have imagined. Chris coded that baby up with brilliance. The whole team was extremely friendly, patient, and accommodating. I especially loved their Basecamp feature, which allowed us to communicate and stay on the same page, while keeping everyone on a timeline. I get so many complements on the design and functionality of the new website, and I would recommend Aeolidia to anyone looking for a unique, affordable e-commerce solution."

Jessie Senese

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