Sophie & Toffee

Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Graphic Design: Leslie Dallion
Cart: Cartkeeper
Leslie Dallion created the amazingly amazing fun happy foods header for the site, and Lauren designed it.

Sophie & Toffee sell all kinds of realistic little charms and miniatures and we wanted their site to be as adorable as their items.

Chris has the "magic fingers"

"Having Aeolidia to create and design my site was a dream come true. Everything Arianne and team had done for my site was brilliant.

The illustration done by Leslie was incredibly beautiful, while Lauren painted the rest of the site design so perfectly together. Arianne was patient with my requests and guided me professionally on my site. Chris has massive coding knowledge and has the "magic fingers", I marvel at how he could fix everything that I wanted.

Above all, Aeolidia was a delight to work with - I love their passion in designing the best sites around."

Ayu Cheah

Sophie & Toffee