Spring Creek Ranch

Web Design: Sarah Moule
Web Development: Zoe Rooney
Marketing: Isa Maria Seminega
Blog: Wordpress
Sarah had a million wonderful ideas and plans for her new website, and when we asked her if she had any inspiration websites to share with us, and she replied, "I have been searching for the past 2 years to hit on a site and go, 'Ah! That is exactly what I want the Spring Creek Ranch site to FEEL like.' To no avail. And that is why I hired you!"

Well, I'm happy to say we were able to make the dream site for Sarah, and I would absolutely love to stay at her ranch!

I have gotten SO many compliments on the site

"I admit that it took a few years to convince myself that redesigning our website would be worth the financial investment, another year to decide which web design company to go with and all of ONE INSTANT to utter the word, "PERFECT" when I saw Sarah Moule's mock up for Spring Creek Ranch.

Working with Aeolidia has felt like being ushered onto a team full of creative, motivated and incredibly professional team players. From start to finish I always felt like my questions were answered in a thorough and timely fashion and when I needed a hand to hold (and oh, did I ever) I always found one outstretched and available.

I can't really say enough about Sarah Moule's design capability. It is obvious to me that she takes her job very seriously and that she did a ton of research before coming up with the SCR design. I know she read through my entire questionnaire and perhaps our entire blog history- how else could she have known about my passion for film and understand my desire to present Spring Creek Ranch as a place where memories are made as well as just a nice place to lay your head. I felt like the little touches of her design (the dark framing edges- so much like a Kodak film reel) and the negative version of barn board were on the verge of brilliant. Where I live just about every other site has some form of wood or barn wood as part of their website, but I have never seen the negative version used and I thought the black and white made the site feel modern and historical at the same time. How does one do that? I thought Sarah M figured out the most perfect way to do just that.

And her blog design for SCR was so great. I felt like she was able to keep the design consistent with the rest of the site while imbibing a perfect story book quality to the blog page.

Zoe's commitment to providing exactly what I wanted (hello amenities page!) was grand and I totally appreciate her ability to find a solution rather than just saying, eh thats too hard. And does that woman ever sleep? I must have emailed with her at night, on weekends, early mornings and she seemed to always be working! The times she shared my screen really helped me and I appreciate her patience as her technological savvy must have found my computer alliteration a wee bit tiresome at times.

Her dedication to finding solutions for the site really was great. The bnbmanager that she recommended as an online booking agent- they are fantastic!

I am beyond satisfied with my experience at Aeolidia and can't think of bringing my next project any other place but here. If you'll take me!

Thanks again everyone. I have gotten SO many compliments on the site- I really appreciate all of you committing to this project and helping me through the process.

All the best, Sarah Berns Spring Creek Ranch, Proprietor"

Sarah Berns

Spring Creek Ranch