The Notebook Lab

Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Cart: Cartkeeper
Blog: Wordpress
April came to us with a logo and some great ideas and Lauren designed this site for her to sell some amazing notebooks!
A knowledgeable, guiding hand from start to finish

"When testing the waters trying to find the right fit for a web design company, I must say hands down, Arianne at Aeolidia blew the competition out of the water! There is nothing worse than an impersonal company who treats you as a number and doesn't respond in a timely manner or worse, doesn't respond at all. Arianne immediately wrote me back with a positive and clear description of what services they offer and a genuine interest in obtaining my business.

Lauren took my many, many preferences with patience and ease and turned them into a fantastic layout and design that fit my concept to a tee. Chris tested and re-tested every aspect of the site until everything worked seamlessly.

Collaboratively, they were able to bring this project to life with excellent customer service and provide me with the exact finished product I was hoping for. I would without hesitation refer them to anyone starting a project looking to have a knowledgeable, guiding hand from start to finish."

April Steward

The Notebook Lab