Nisee Made

Web Design: Arianne
Graphic Design: Denise Holmes
Blog: Wordpress
Denise created her logo and I designed a site to match! This site uses Wordpress to showcase Denise's custom stationery design, and provide all the info needed for clients to contact her. She also links to an Etsy shop, and we set up a blog for her to document her work.
It is like my birthday everyday!

"It is like my birthday everyday! Aeolidia has given me the best present - an amazing website! I could not be more happier with Arianne and her wonderful team at Aeolidia! They are such a pleasure to work with; they answered all my questions fast and with lots of information, they know what they are doing and they do a good job, and they can design and program websites like no other! Thank you Aeolidia!!!"

Denise Ann Holmes

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