Muddy's Bake Shop

Web Design: Arianne Foulks
Graphic Design: Denise Holmes
Web Development: Arianne Foulks
Blog: Wordpress
Denise Ann Holmes designed the sweet handwritten logo and created fantastic gnome and baked goods drawings for the Muddy's Bake Shop site.

We set Muddy's up in Wordpress, with a handy-dandy hover menu for the top navigation. Now Kat can add photos to her photo gallery, post to her blog, and post the week's menu items on a warm and cozy site. The menu page is especially fun, with links to photos of each item - makes me hungry!

It's made of awesome

"The website looks so good and works so well. Several customers have even said it's one of the best, easiest to use websites they've ever seen. We've had such a great response to it and every now and then I go myself and just look around... just cause it's made of awesome. :)
You and your team did such a great job and have been so great to work with. THANK YOU!"

Kat Gordon

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