Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Graphic Design: Tracy Bishop
Web Development: Zoe Rooney
Photography: Jennifer Way
Copywriting: Dewi Faulkner
Marketing: Isa Maria Seminega
Cart: Cartkeeper
Blog: Wordpress
Leeana won our big giveaway contest on the Oh My! Handmade Goodness blog, and she decided to just go for it and add a full website package, to take advantage of all of our services.

Tracy created a cute, colorful logo that would appeal to both boys and girls for Leeana's site, LoveLeeSoaps. Leeana offers colorful, fantastic smelling bath and body products that have a whimsical, kawaii, and retro feeling.

Meanwhile, Jen was hard at work on some ridiculously adorable product photos, and Dewi was crafting text for a witty and friendly about page. Isa's job was to create a press release announcing LoveLeeSoaps to the world.

Lauren then designed a website and all the little extras for her web presence, and Zoe coded it up in Cartkeeper.

We love to do the whole package for clients, so this project was fast and fun!

This new site is just what we needed

"I have been so anxious waiting to show everyone the new website. I could not be happier with the final outcome. It would not have been possible without Jessika Hepburn & Team Aeolidia. They have made all my visions, ideas, and thoughts come true! I am so excited to see what is in store for the future of LoveLeeSoaps and I feel like this new site is just what we needed. We are thrilled to now offer larger quantities, gift certificates, wishlists, behind the scenes peeks, and a blog where we can connect and share thoughts each week.

Every step to the process was easy, smooth, and so much fun. The entire team was there immediately to help when needed and answered all of my questions. I could not be more happy with all of the work that Aeolidia has done for my business and would highly recommend them to anyone that is interested!"

Leeana Provan

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