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Web Design: Arianne
Graphic Design: Leslie Dallion
Cart: Cartkeeper
Blog: Wordpress
Leslie Dallion designed the header and extra illustrations, and I used these to create the CKGold site.
Their experience and guidance was crucial

"Aeolidia is a true gem. I can honestly say that Arianne and Chris are the most talented people I've met.

When I came to Aeolidia, I had an idea but no clear vision. Their organization, professionalism, experience and guidance was crucial in getting my dream and my visions for my shop completed. They were able to take my incoherent thoughts, organize them into manageable chunks and translate them into something meaningful. Best of all they worked at whatever pace I needed, and they explained everything clearly.

Leslie Dallion, who worked on my logo and all the other illustrations for my website did a fabulous job of taking my ideas and turning them into something better than I had ever hoped for.

I'm so proud and honored to have worked with Aeolidia, and would highly recommend them for your next project. They really have their fingers on the pulse. "

Annie Andre

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