Jingle Favors

Graphic Design: Aimee Ray
Aimee designed this delicate and elegant logo for Jing Jing's eco-friendly party favors.
Aeolidia helps my dream to become true!

"This is my second time working with Aeolidia:) It's really cool to work with creative people. Starting from a brand name brainstorm to a logo design, Aeolidia folks gave me many ideas! Dewi came out with a cute brand name for my party favor products. She played around with my name jingjing and couples other ideas that I like, and finally, we chose ~ Jingle! Jingle Favors designed by JingJing- it's cute, isnt' it :)

Aimee designed my new logo, and gave me the branding report including full color scheme, so that I know how to match my logo with other colors..that really helps!

Now I have a brand new name and a brand new look.. Aeolidia helps my dream to become true!"

JingJing Wang


Jingle Favors