H.S. Chocolate Co.

Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Graphic Design: This Paper Ship
Web Development: Chris McFarlane
Copywriting: Dewi Faulkner
Cart: Cartkeeper
This Paper Ship designed the logo and amazing packaging for H.S. Chocolate Co. and then Lauren put together a delicious website to sell the chocolates from.

This project also features copywriting from Dewi ("about" page and product descriptions).

I feel very fortunate

"I feel very fortunate to have received Aeolidia as a recommendation for all of H.S. Chocolate Co.'s "branding" needs. As a new small-business owner, I knew little to nothing in the way of website development, design concepts, etc. but Arianne and her team advised and guided me every little step of the way.

They were extremely thorough (and helpful) in explaining all of my options to me up front and I never felt uncomfortable asking questions. In fact, when Chris was helping me implement my website I'm sure he was pulling out his hair due to all of my questions, but he never let on! :)

This Paper Ship did a fantastic job with the logo and packaging designs and Lauren did a super job on the website design. People continuously complement me on both packaging as well as the website and I'm always proud to refer them to Aeolidia!"

MaryAnne Hoekstra Shekar

H.S. Chocolate Co.