Hey Jo!

Graphic Design: Denise Holmes
Denise designed this logo for Joanne. The full version is used for large applications, and when a small logo is needed, just the text is used.
I would jump at the chance to work with them again

"After discovering Aeolidia I just knew I had to have them!

I chose Denise Holmes to design my logo and I could not have been happier. We worked closely together, day in, day out and despite the cross Atlantic time difference Denise was always prompt at answering every last whim I threw at her! Her patience was second to none - putting up with my indecisive and perfectionist nature must have a been a trial for her but she was never anything other than warm, friendly, professional, wonderful, talented and amazingly creative! If I came up with an idea in my sleep and emailed Denise - by morning I would wake up to a beautifully crafted illustration - each and every time. I am so very happy with my finished logo and would jump at the chance to work with both Arianne and Denise again - they are perfectly fabulous! From inception to final product they have been every inch professional, expert and utterly charming.

Thank you both SO very much - you have helped me get my long awaited business underway, and for that, you are priceless!"

Joanne Stokes


Hey Jo!