Green Knot

Web Design: Shoshanna Love
Graphic Design: Mariah DeMarco
Cart: Cartkeeper
Mariah created the beautiful logo, and Shoshanna designed the CKGold shop. The Green Knot specializes in eco-friendly favors and gifts, and we wanted the site to have a natural, rough look, while still being pretty.

Jena created some great banner ads for Kandy to go with her marketing and advertising plans.

I would recommend you to the world!

"Working with the Aeolidia team has just been a wonderful experience! I love my website! I get compliments on my logo, blog page, business cards, banner ads and overall site design from so many people. It's so refreshing to look at. Before I met the Aeolidia team, I searched through many web designers and they just didn't have the style I was looking for, and when I found Aeolidia I knew based on their past projects that they were the one for me! I am so happy I went with them and I'm so happy they stuck through the long days and nights with me :)

Once I got my first logo design options, I knew Mariah and Arianne truly understood what I was looking for and what design I was trying to achieve. I was a bit worried at times, because I felt I wasn't descriptive enough or I was overly-descriptive but to my amazement they knew exactly what I wanted.

Entering into the website process, I felt very overwhelmed and a little unsure that I would be able to manage everything on my own. I had a million questions, some very repetitive and some I'm sure were not the smartest but Shoshanna was extremely patient and very descriptive in all her responses to me. She was very detailed, very organized and helped me to not lose my mind on days when things weren't looking too bright! I swear she has the patience like no other!

The team was always supportive and informative. They made sure I had step by step tool guides along the way, updated schedules and defined due dates. They provided me with comprehensive marketing and advertising plans to guide me in the right direction once my site was launched. I couldn't ask for anything else! Thank you guys for making The Green Knot happen and I hope to work with you all again and I would recommend you to the world!"

Kandy Wright

Green Knot