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I was very excited to work on this project, as I've been a fan of Faryn's jewelry since I first saw it in our art museum's gift shop! For the design, we wanted something that looked natural and reflected the themes of Faryn's work. I ended up tracing birds directly from her necklaces and I found some grass to put at the bottom.

The site has a shop and a blog, and we included a photo gallery as a portfolio of her past work.

I feel so much more savvy now

As I was searching for designers to help me create my website, I pored through dozens of small business, retail, indie craft, and artist sites for ideas. I frequently noticed a link to "Aeolidia" at the bottom of sites I liked, so I decided to enlist their help. It was such a great decision!

Arianne and Chris were so great to work with! Entering into the process, I felt so overwhelmed, unknowledgeable, and unsure that I would be able to manage a site and shop by myself. My web "know-how" was always pretty limited, but that has all changed! At every step of the way, they answered all of my questions so thoroughly and patiently, even the "dumb" or repetitive ones. I feel so much more savvy now. They are total pros and so organized and creative. They've created such a beautiful site for me that really captures the essence of Fernworks. I'm already getting tons of compliments on it.

I am so happy with my new shop! The Aeolidia folks are so talented, and I'd recommend them to anyone!

Faryn Davis