Easton Place

Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Web Development: Chris McFarlane
Marketing: Isa Maria Seminega
Cart: Cartkeeper
Patti wanted a clean, simple and elegant site, with a high end feel. Lauren collaborated with Patti to design the logo, and then worked on the site design to match.
My site is easy to use, a pleasure to shop and inspiring

"Thank you for making my vision a reality. Lauren did an amazing job of taking my requests & feedback and designing a website that was exactly as my minds eye envisioned. Chris was absolutely incredible throughout the programming and product adding process. He quickly addressed every question I had (and I had several) going above and beyond my expectations. I really felt like I had someone by my side when bringing it all together.

Isa's marketing guidance was a tremendous help for focusing on the overall plan and layout of my shop. Her insight and knowledge was outstanding.

The feedback I've received from so many people has been overwhelmingly positive. Clients and friends tell me my site is easy to use, a pleasure to shop and inspiring. I sincerely could not be happier with the final outcome.

Thank you for all your hard work, patience and vision. I highly recommend you and your team of talent."

Patti Wunder

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