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Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Graphic Design: KittenChops
Web Development: Chris McFarlane
Cart: Cartkeeper
Blog: Wordpress
Kyoko has a popular blog and sells crafting supplies, patterns, and fabrics, as well as offering free PDF downloads. She needed a way to put all of her projects onto one site and make things easy for her and her customers, and we were able to combine a shop and a blog for her. First, Zaara designed the amazing logo, as well as two additional illustrations for use on the site. Then Lauren stepped up and created a soft and dreamy website design. Chris did most of the work setting everything up with CKGold and Wordpress and I stepped in from time to time to work on details. A real team effort! I really like the main page of the site, which combines the latest blog post and thumbnail with items from the shop and bits of news. I love it when we can pull together all the facets of what a client does into one cohesive package.
The best thing ever

"Being able to work with Aeolidia was the best thing ever. They are the most talented and professional people.

This was my first craft e-commerce but they have made everything so organized that I was never lost. All my questions and requests were answered in a most professional manner by all the members involved in this project.

Firstly the logo and illustration created by Zaara are fantastic. Everyone who sees the illustration and the logo love them. I would say that she is the most talented artist I have worked with.

Chris was absolutely amazing at coding. I don't know how he managed to code everything on the site. He was efficient, organized and precise.

Lauren's superb design on the site made it look attractive and friendly; exactly the way I wanted. She was able to take all my requests for the design and made it better!

Finally, I am so grateful to Arianne. She organised and maintained the flow of the project. Whenever I had any question, she would get back to me with the most helpful information. She also has a brilliant talent for design.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I would recommend Aeolidia to anyone and you will love your site and would feel proud with the end result."

Kyoko Nakayoshi

Cotton & Cloud