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Web Design: Lauren Hardage
Web Development: Zak Hardage
Marketing: Isa Maria Seminega
Blog: Wordpress
What is more fun than collaborating with a fellow designer? Nothing! So it was great to work with Sara, who is a print diva, but knew she wanted to bring some web design professionals in for her website.

Sara was looking for a clever, clean, fun, thoughtful, and professional website, with the ultimate goal of quitting her day job to pursue graphic design full time. I think Lauren nailed the design concept, and I'm happy to report that Sara is now a full time designer!

Gave me me the confidence to quit my full-time job

"Upon finding Aeolidia, I instantly knew I wanted a shiny new website. When I saw the first proof of my home page, I unexpectedly burst into tears... the good kind. It was everything I wanted and more. This new site was definitely a factor in giving me the confidence to quit my full-time job and finally be my own boss! Thank you, Aeolidia for everything!"

Sara Cormier

Cormier Creative