Bikks & Kids

Graphic Design: Mariah DeMarco
Mariah created a complete identity for Bikks & Kids, from a logo to a full set of stationery.
Imaginative, engaging, colorful

"I stumbled across Aeolidia while shopping Three Potato Four (3-P4), decided to have an inspirational peek and end up working with Mariah and Arianne. Actually, I can't say enough great things about Mariah her work is quite literally brilliant! I was immediately drawn to her sweet illustrations - imaginative, engaging, colorful and appealing to kids. Mariah was able to shape the ideas I threw at her in a way that would get across as much as possible in as little as possible. The end result turned out to be a complete branding package for Bikks + Kids. I even got inspired by the creativity she invested in designing our branding package. Didn't I say her work is brilliant! Mariah also gives charming feedback, not to mention she is great to work with. Mariah and Arianne were incredibly patient every step of way. Never once throughout the project did I ever felt pressured. Through Aeolidia's project management system, from start to finish I had an overview of and was involved in project. They were accommodating to last minute requests and understanding when unexpected challenges came up. Mariah had such fun and creative ideas, she did a great job. It was a pleasure working with Mariah and Aeolidia. Looking forward to working with both again in the future!"

Karlene Bringemeier




Bikks & Kids