bébé books

Web Design: Arianne
Graphic Design: Aimee Ray
Cart: Zen Cart
bébé books started with a set of delightful illustrations by Aimee Ray of bunnies, birds, and a tree, as well as a great logo and bookplate design.

We then used Zen Cart to create a site that displays all important information about each book, allows you to switch between the US and Canadian list price, and create and send a wish list to family and friends.

Amazed me every step of the way

"It has been a very long journey of 'hurry up and wait' that I have been on with Arianne, Aimee, and Shoshanna. This group of talented people has amazed me every step of the way. To be able to see ideas that were once only figments of your imagination come to life on the screen is truly remarkable. Throughout the process there have been several obstacles on my end that held things up and Arianne has been great about putting it on hold but just as great about getting right back into things as soon as I was ready. Arianne and her team are a huge source of knowledge and when something came up that they didn't know, there were no lengths they wouldn't go to get an answer.

I am so thrilled with the outcome of the site and the continued support I am receiving even now that the site is live. There is no doubt that as our site changes and grows, that I will be looking to Arianne and her team for answers, advice and inspiration. It has been a true privilege and joy working with Aeolidia and I am very much looking forward to future work!"

April Hill

bébé books