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Featured Project

Featured Project: 1canoe2
Understandably, we were completely overwhelmed by the idea of designing our new site. We knew it needed to look like us and that it needed to be clean and robust. Because of their specialized client base, Aeolidia already knew the type of company we were, without hours of explanation or exhausting revisions. We were so blown away with the first design draft that we only made a few small revisions, and that's saying something from people as visually picky as we can be. It was intuitively 1canoe2, in a way that we weren't able to express on our own.

Every step of the process was easy, educational, and organized. I just don't think it could have gone any smoother or faster. And on top of all that, the final website is above and beyond what we dreamed up ourselves. We are enabled to go create more hand-illustrated products and effortlessly sell them ourselves in just the way we want to present ourselves to the world.
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